Cloud solution/computing are critical part of implementing digital into your business. However, it is not only about moving to the could without properly seeing value; which is where transformation meets cloud, we apply our own approach to ensure your business implements the most cost effective, efficient, and modern cloud technology that fits the your business objectives.

Our Application

Our focus is towards web servers, storage, databases, analytics and software over the cloud (internet). Getting the infrasture right is one part of the job, but understanding cloud as fit for purpose assures the transformation part for your business. We need to understand the strategy in order to implement an interlink solutions that touches on the business engagement, collaboration, and execution capabilities.

“For cloud to be effective to a business, it must be centralised, address productivity, cost, and growth. Our implementation stems from a true understanding of your business strategy or agreed upon value that yields sustainable results.”

Klaas Molapisi | Strategy and Development Leader

Our Process

We understand how unique each business can be and processes vary, including products or solutions. Our processes first consider the goal or objective of the business, then assess the processes within the business and then implement a technical solution that well suits the product or solution depending on the cloud solution required.

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Klaas Ramo Strategy and Development Leader
Klaas Ramo Molapisi

Strategy and Development Leader

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