Brand consulting overview

Brand consulting puts your best foot forward in successfully bringing your brand and audience together. Most business owners believe that brand development is just about having a logo and how the colours visually appear. Forgetting that having their brand identity done is just the tip of the iceberg. To attain influence over the buying decision of your target market, your brand has to have specific goals. Making the process on how to measure its success a priority as well.

Ultimately, the brand consulting process involves sessions that aim to create a brand strategy by gathering critical information about your brand and its long-term goals, to have lucidity of what success would mean for the brand.

“Our brand consulting product exists for the sole purpose of providing long-term sustainable solutions.”

Klaas Molapisi | Strategy and Development Leader

Business challenges

Without brand strategy, chances of aligning brand elements are next to none, and without brand alignment there is no brand strategy nor a guide thereof.

This may result in the following:

  • Distorted brand character/personality

  • Decreased brand trust

  • Decreased brand equity

  • Reduced chances for new opportunities and business
  • A reduction in business value

  • Failed and missed goals and targets

Valuable outcomes

The solution in brand consulting is to ensure strategic guidance and direction for a developing brand. If properly applied; the solutions accomplish the following:

  • Align business values with brand behaviour

  • Conduct competitive analysis and audience research

  • Establish positioning strategy and key messaging

  • Organize a series of tactics to generate leads and sales

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