To keep revenues coming in; you need to create new desired relationships whilst on the other hand making certain you still deliver the same satisfactory service and product to your not so new yet old but loyal customer/consumers (equilibrium is key). You need to be tactical and strategic in establishing a solid marketing plan, and the first tactic is marketing research.

You also ought to know what your customers want and not guess nor assume but deliver value that matters and where its needed the most, always! A marketing strategy will help your brand strategy with sustainable reach and engagement with your targeted audience which ultimately will result in profit.

“A tactical marketing strategy relies on your brand strategy which supports your long-term business goal(s).”

Nathan Maurice  |  Design and Markets  Leader

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Our goal in assisting your brand establish a tactical marketing strategy for your business, is to make certain that you confidently initiate a conversation with a client you are specifically aiming to engage with. Your brand promise, values, purpose, business processes, public behaviour and messaging, will definitely influence the correct set of people you are most certainly aiming to engage with.

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  • Attracts the targeted market towards your brand. This, depending on your brand’s positioning which is informed by your overall brand strategy. Thus making it of utmost importance that you tactically make your brand appealing enough, using your brand identity together with a base set of values, so that your target market can initiate the conversation with your brand.
  • Compels the correct people through valuable content curation, which solves your niche.
  • You initiate the conversation with the client. This means you have created value and solutions that you strongly believe will have a particular impact on a specific market and can be measured against relevant metrics that inform your business on whether the strategy works, or there is a need to re-strategize.
  • The correct and most effective digital tools are applied in order to achieve your specifically intended outcome. This includes setting up paid or organic campaigns.
  • Being accessible is critical with this strategy. Your clients want and should conveniently find you on the internet. So we will deploy the correct digital tools that are meaningful and relevant to your strategy.

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Nathan Maurice Design and Markets Leader
Nathan Maurice Masiya

Design and Markets  Leader

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