Brand strategy is a long-term plan that uses tactical differentiation to achieve set goals. Your brand is a perception that is also an intentional option that serve a specific market and purpose. These perceptions do not just happen overnight, they happen over time by consistently applying a clearly defined strategy for the brand.

The world’s best brands use a brand strategy to control their own brand identity, brand image and brand promise. Your brand is probably not recognized nationally as yet. Meaning there is a much greater need for your own brand to also apply these techniques, for it to develop with a clear business intent giving it a chance to succeed and head towards prosperity.

“You need to arm yourself with flexible branding tactics to develop the right brand for the right situation.”

Nathan Maurice  |  Design and Markets  Leader

Brand Strategy Solutions

When it comes to developing a strategy for your own brand, you want as many tactics and techniques at your disposal as possible. Because you need to make those strategic decisions as to what structure you should have for your brand. This is where us as Green Box Studio come in. As brand strategists to play a very critical role in your business, setting it apart from the rest. We assist you with understanding the different types of branding and which situation needs what technique.

  • Develop a brand strategy/guidelines: This will stretch your imagination. We get to challenge your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, values, purpose, approach, gut-feel and image to help you get out of your own way.
  • Develop a brand style-guide: Whilst style guide focuses specifically on the visual identity and the expression rules; it is simply just a rulebook for the brand’s visual identity. We’ll assist you in determining the look and feel of your brand, also in how your brand is going to be expressed visually.
  • Align your brand, business and behaviour: This is vital for Internal Operations Purposes and also for the way you are seen in the market place. Your customers/consumers care about your internal alignment.
  • Re-design and projects: We assist you achieve re-designing and restructuring your set goals by implementing our proposed model and approach.
  • Get insights and guidance: We connect the dots in a way that is simple to digest, also easy to execute into socials, websites, ads and marketing.
  • Launching a branded product using your brand strategy and marketing strategy for guidance.

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Nathan Maurice Design and Markets Leader
Nathan Maurice Masiya

Design and Markets  Leader

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