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Web maintenance is what all websites need. There is a lot of to consider on a website: the server, the programme, the domain, the design, the renderer, SEO, W3 Consortium standards, security and so on. All of these go through changes and upgrades, hence we offer web maintenance.

GB Studio offers web maintenance suited for your website that can be customized depending on the direction and plan you have for your website. We use certain tools such as heatmaps, and analytics to make an efficient maintenance plan more than what a standard web maintenance plan would cover.

Below we have listed the two categories of web maintenance services we offer to our customers:

Standard web maintenance plan:
  • Website changes
  • Code updates
  • Security Updates
  • Hack Solutions
Advance web maintenance plan:
  • All standard web maintenance plan
  • Behaviour flow
  • Heatmaps
  • Live interaction recordings
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